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Water-Reducing and Set retarding concrete admixture


KAITSU® D-108 can provide the following properties:
– Increased compressive strength and flexural strength at all ages.
– Increased workability and slump retention ability of fresh concrete.
– Improved adhesion to reinforcing and stressing steel.
– Better resistance to carbonation.
– Lower permeability
– Better resistance to aggressive atmospheric conditions.
– Reduced shrinkage.


KAITSU® D-108 can be used in a variety of
construction projects, including commercial,
industrial, and residential building, bridges,
highways, roads and tunnels.
KAITSU® D-108 also make it an ideal choice
for hot weather conditions, where traditional
concrete mixtures may set too quickly.
Dosage range from 200 g to 600 g / 100 kg
of cementitious material or binder